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All the Fly Kids (2017)

*Day 8* Name: Valerie C. Robinson (@unapologetic_us) – Entrepreneur •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I work by day in public health, but my other passion projects are my photojournalism and writing. I am proud to be the CEO and Founder of Unapologetically Us – a lifestyle and culture brand for black women. • I founded Unapologetically Us at the tail end of 2014. Although several publications and platforms currently exist, very few truly cater to and capture the true essence of the black woman. Having these safe spaces are important as we not only navigate through being both women and black, but in candidly speaking our truths and celebrating the core of our contributions to society – unapologetically. • Why DC? “Why not DC?” is the better question. I’m a native of North Carolina, but DC has been home to me since my grandparents relocated my family here when I was a child. I look at the city as the heartbeat of the U.S. – unique culture, rich history, melting pot, authenticity, gorgeous landmarks, institutions, opportunities for giving back and the overwhelming talent (discovered and undiscovered) are unmatched. • #MostKnownUnknownSeries #AllTheFlyKids #CoolCalmConnected #aCreativeDC #MadeInTheDMV
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